clippasafe - toy hammock

Type: CLP047 53

Storage is key for organising any unruly mess, particularly when it comes to the endless array of childrens books, games and toys that get left in each room of the house!

Making sure theyre not lying all over the floor is always a real issue for families, carers and playschools, especially as they can be a real safety hazard if a child or adult trips over and hurts themselves.

  • If youve run out of space and your storage boxes and baskets are full to the brim, then you can easily make use of the walls. An immediate, cost-effective idea would be to fix a Toy Hammock to hold all those soft toys and teddy bears in place! Not only will this keep them off the floor, but itll also make a really nice, safe display in your childs bedroom or nursery.
  • Supplied complete with brass securing hooks.