beaba - silicone multiportions 6 x 90 ml old pink

Type: BB912595 51

Freezing mould.

› Saving time: preparing 6 compartments in one batch.

› Defrost the amount of food needed according to baby’s age and appetite.

› Withstands extreme temperatures: from -55°c / -67°f to 210°c / 410°f.  (microwave and oven).

› Premium quality silicone: high wear and tear resistance.

› 6 individual compartments: to stock different tasting recipes at the same time.

› Supple preshaped silicone: for easy turning out.

› Airtight lid: to preserve flavours and aromas.

› Ergonomic design, reinfored and rigid shape: maintains shape and is stable  when lifted.

› Evolutive: can also be used as a mini cake mould.

› Care: wash by hand or dishwasher.