Philips/Avent - Microwave Steam Steriliser Bag (Pack of 5)

Type: AVT0660
AVENT microwave steam steriliser bags, Sterilising on the go

Bag capacity: Sterilise up to 3 bottles at once or 1 breast pump

Bag dimension: 278 mm x 210 mm

Each bag can be used up to 20 times, 100 sterilization cycles per package

Easy to use; clear step by step instructions on bag

Sneak-peek window
A window is included in the bag, to check whether the disassembled parts are positioned properly in the bag for optimal sterilising.

5 microwave bags per retail pack
One retail pack includes 5 microwave sterilising bags, which each can be used at least 20 times.

Safe Zone
The microwave sterilising bags include a Safe Zone area where the bag can be safely grabbed when taking the product out of the microwave after the sterilising cycle. More convenience and less risk of burns.