mam easy start bottle set large - grey

Type: MAM1195 51

The MAM easy start with the innovative vented base allows babies to drink at their own pace - colic is reduced , as confirmed by 80% of mothers.

Thanks to its skinsoft silicone surface, our MAM teat feels so familiar: 94% of the babies accept MAM teat

The baby grows. This bottle grows too. Which ever size is needed - the accessories are always ready.

Various accessories fit all bottles included. Simply choose the favourite size and screw the parts together.

Now comes the switch - with the handles and the Extra Soft Bottle Spoat the bottle quickly turns into a transition cup. For the first independent drinking attempts.

Includes : x6 160 ml bottles, x6 bottle body 260ml, x2 medium teat size 2, x1 0-2m soother, x1 extra soft bottle spout and x1 hold my bottle handle.