avent natural bottle 260ml whale

Type: AVT7006
  • Feeding with the bottle naturally. Easy to match with breastfeeding
  • The large breast shaped teat allows you to stick naturally, facilitating the combination of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.
  • The ultra-soft teat with flexible spiral design reproduces the natural movement and feeling of the maternal breast. Petals prevent the teat from collapsing.
  • Anti colic valve designed to remove air from baby's tummy, helping to reduce colic and discomfort.
  • Thanks to its unique shape, the bottle is easy to grip, even with the little hands of a child, and to hold in any direction for maximum comfort.
  • Includes: 1 bottle Natural 260 ml Decorated Whale; 1 natural teat "Slow flow" - (1 m+) SCF042/27
  • 0% BPA* (*compliant with EU Regulation 10/2011)