Kinderkraft Bedside Cot BEA Navy

Type: KK391783
Main advantages
A co-sleeper cot and independent cot
Seven base levels
Adjustable mattress incline

Comfort and safety in a new version
The BEA co-sleeper cot lets you rest at night. The co-sleeper cot function makes night feeds easier, while the independent cot function allows you to use the cot on trips as well as at home. The BEA cot ensures peace and closeness, which you and your child both need.

Key features

2-in-1 co-sleeper cot
BEA has two functions: a co-sleeper cot and independent cot. To enjoy being close to your little one, all you need to do is drop one side and affix BEA to the parents' bed.

Safe affixing
BEA has an easy system for fitting to the parents' bed. Just thread the strong, adjustable straps under the mattress and adjust the height. The side of the cot can be dropped and is covered with soft material.

Seven base levels
In a few moments you can adjust the height of the mattress to your bed. BEA offers seven different levels, which makes it very versatile.

Two incline levels
The angle of incline of the mattress in the cot can be adjusted to two positions. Does your baby have a runny nose and is finding it difficult to breathe at night? Thanks to the adjustment option, you can make it easier for them to breathe while they sleep.

One side features mesh to ensure adequate air flow. It'll also allow you to discreetly peek at what your little one is doing.

Quick folding
The BEA co-sleeper cot can be folded in just a few moments. It's a must-have when visiting family and on holidays.