Mothercare 4-in-one Contactless Thermometer

Type: CC221

4-in-1 thermometer for forehead, body and surfaces;Suitable for use from birth;Forehead mode uses infrared rays ;Ear mode takes accurate temperature readings using the separate ear attachment;Room mode uses infrared rays ;Liquid mode takes accurate temperature of baby's bath, milk or drinks;High fever alert tells you when your baby's body, room, bath or drinks are too hot;Ultra-quick 1 second readings;conforms to EN60601-1-11, EN60601-1-2, EN60601-1 and ISO 80601-2-56
ABS, silicon, germanium, LCD display (glass substrate, polarizer, colour filter, liquid crystals), PCB (phenolic plastics)
Important Read Carefully Before Use.• Keep All Components Not In Use Out Of The Reach Of Children. This Thermometer Contains Small Parts That Can Be Swallowed Or Produce A Choking Hazard To Children.• Never Use The Thermometer For Purposes Other Than Those It Has Been Intended For. Please Follow The General Safety Precautions When Using On Children.• This Thermometer Is Not Intended To Interpret Hypothermic Temperatures.• Do Not Allow Children To Take Their Own Temperatures.• Parents/Guardians Should Consult A Doctor Or Paediatrician Upon Noticing Any Unusual Sign(S) Or Symptom(S). For Example, A Child Who Exhibits Irritability, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Dehydration, Seizure, Changes In Appetite Or Activity, Even In The Absence Of Fever, Or Who Exhibits A Low Temperature, May Still Need To Receive Medical Attention.• Children Who Are On Antibiotics, Analgesics, Or Antipyretics Should Not Be Assessed Solely On Temperature Readings To Determine The Severity Of Their Illness.• Temperature Elevation As Indicated By This Thermometer May Signal A Serious Illness, Especially In Adults Who Are Old, Frail, Have A Weakened Immune System, Or Neonates And Infants. Please Seek Professional Advice Immediately When There Is A Temperature Elevation And If You Are Taking Temperature On:O Babies Under 3 Months (Consult Your Physician Immediately If The Temperature Exceeds 37.4 °C Or 99.4 °F)O Patients Over 60 Years Of AgeO Patients Having Diabetes Mellitus Or A Weakened Immune System (E.G. Hiv Positive, Cancer Chemotherapy, Chronic Steroid Treatment, Splenectomy)O Patients Who Are Bedridden (E.G. Nursing Home Patient, Stroke, Chronic Illness, Recovering From Surgery)O A Transplant Patient (E.G. Liver, Heart, Lung, Kidney)• Fever May Be Lowered Or Even Absent In Elderly Patients.• Never Immerse The Thermometer Into Water Or Other Liquids – It Is Not Waterproof. For Cleaning And Disinfecting Please Follow The Instructions In The Cleaning And Care Section.• Do Not Store This Thermometer In Temperature Extremes Below -20°C Or Over 55°C (Below -4°F Or Over 131°F) Or In Excessive Humidity (Above 95% Non-Condensing Relative Humidity).• If The Thermometer Is Stored In A Location That Is Cooler Or Warmer Than Where It Is Being Used, Let It Sit In The Location That It Is Being Used For 30 Minutes Before Taking The Measurement.• Do Not Use The Thermometer If There Are Signs Of Damage On The Infrared Sensor Or On The Thermometer Itself. If Damaged, Do Not Attempt To Repair The Product.• Do Not Modify This Equipment.• Never Insert A Sharp Object Into The Infrared Sensor Or Any Other Open Surface On The Thermometer.• This Thermometer Consists Of High-Precision Parts. Do Not Drop The Instrument. Protect It From Severe Impact And Shock. Do Not Twist The Instrument Or The Infrared Sensor.• Do Not Use The Thermometer If It Is Damaged.• This Thermometer Is Intended For Household Use Only.• Use Of This Thermometer Is Not Intended As A Substitute For Consultation With Your Doctor Or Paediatrician.• Results And Readings Can Be Inaccurate If This Thermometer Is Not Used In Accordance With The Operation Instructions In This Manual.• Whilst The Readings Given By This Thermometer Are Accurate, They Should Be Used As A Guide Only.• Always Check The Temperature Of The Water Before Placing Your Baby In The Bath.• Always Stir Warm Or Heated Food And Check The Temperature Before Serving.• The 4 In 1 Contactless Thermometer Is Not Intended As A Substitute For Regular Check-Ups By Your Doctor, Please Consult Your Doctor If You Have Any Doubt About The Temperature Reading.• Do Not Use A Mobile Phone Or Other Devices That Emit Electromagnetic Fields Near The Thermometer. This May Result In Incorrect Operation Of The Unit.• This Thermometer Has Been Thoroughly Tested And Inspected To Assure Proper Performance And Operation.• Performance Of The Infrared Body Thermometer (Such As Measurement Accuracy And Information Display) May Be Lost Or Degraded Due To Electromagnetic Disturbances.• Temperature Readings Can Be Affected By Physical Activity Or The Use Of A Compress Prior To Taking The Reading. If Engaged In Physical Activity And/Or Used Any Kind Of Forehead Compress, Wait At Least 30 Minutes Before Taking Your Temperature.• Temperature Readings Taken On The Forehead Can Be Affected If The Forehead Is Covered By Hair, Headwear (Hat, Bandana Etc) Or Sweat. Ensure That The Forehead Is Completely Clear Before Taking A Temperature.• Temperature Can Be Affected If There Is Condensation On The Infrared Sensor. In This Case, Use A Soft Cloth To Gently Wipe The Sensor.• Do Not Use Rechargeable Batteries In This Product.• This Thermometer Is Initially Calibrated At The Time Of Manufacture. Re-Adjustment Is Not Required If The Thermometer Is Used In Accordance With The Instruction For Use, However Please Contact Us If At Any Point You Question The Accuracy Of The Measurement Readings.