you, me and the sea zipped swaddle

Type: UB574

suitable from birth to approx. 14 weeks (babies under 4kg/8.8lbs should not be swaddled);made from 100% cotton ;helps your baby to feel safe and secure;swaddling your baby can exert gentle pressure on their abdomen, helping to ease colic;zip fastening with zip guard to prevent skin getting pinched;softly bound hems
100% cotton
Not suitable for babies under 4kg / 8.8lbs.Stop swaddling before your baby starts learning to roll over.Take care not to let your baby overheat, Check your baby regularly to make sure they are comfortable and not too warm. Babies sleep best in rooms that are between 16 - 20 degrees Celsius. When using blankets in your babies bed you should always keep your baby's head uncovered and their blanket should be tucked in no higher than their shoulders.Do not wrap your babies arms too tightly.