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little and love bedside crib starter set

little and love bedside crib starter set

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We know you want your precious baby's bed to be cosy and comfy and it can be quite confusing deciding what bedding you need, so we've designed this bedside crib starter set and included all the bedding you'll need.This set is perfect for parents who are using a bedside crib and includes two fitted jersey sheets, an extra-large muslin blanket and a soft, jersey blanket. The lightweight muslin blanket is great for use as a nursing cover, as a swaddle and can be used for layering in baby's bed. The jersey blanket is suitable for swaddling - please refer to the safety warnings, listed below. Swaddling your baby applies gentle pressure on their tummy which can help ease the discomfort of colic. If you choose to swaddle your baby using this jersey blanket, then please make sure you check your baby regularly to make sure they are comfortable and not too warm. Ensure your baby is not swaddled too tightly to restrict breathing, too loosely they can move and become entangled and ensure that their head is not covered. You should always place your baby on their back to sleep. With the sweetest prints and the cutest characters, this bedding set is beautifully packaged and would make a wonderful gift for new parents.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for bedside cribs
  • Includes 2 fitted sheets, a muslin blanket and a jersey blanket
  • Made from 100% cotton which is gentle against delicate skin
  • Jersey blanket is suitable for swaddling
  • Fitted sheets with 360° elastic for a secure fit dimensions: 45 x 89 cm
  • Jersey blanket with bound edges - perfect for swaddling, bedtime and for travel dimensions: 70 x 90 cm
  • Muslin blanket - soft and breathable dimensions: 100 x 90 cm
  • 100% cotton