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gro clock
gro clock
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gro clock

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Features and benefits for Gro Clock

  • Uses fun changing images of a star or sun to teach your tot when it's time to go back to sleep and when to get up
  • Communicates to your child about getting a healthy full night's sleep to give you that extra bit of time in bed that you need!
  • Comes complete with a bedtime story book to teach your little one about the importance of getting enough sleep
  • Silent operation so that your little one won't be disturbed
  • Optional digital clock and audible alarm feature for use as your child grows and needs to get up for school
  • Conveniently customisable system with optional key lock, and screen brightness
  • Suitable for children from 2 years upwards


Mothercare Loves...

… The versatility of this clock, which can be used as a digital alarm clock when your little one grows up and no longer needs the sun and star pictures.

Want To Know More?

If your little one is having a tough time sleeping through the night on their own then the Gro Clock is just what you need. The fun and friendly design helps them to distinguish between night and day and reinforces the importance of getting a full night's sleep. What's more, with them tucked up in bed for the long haul you'll be getting that extra shuteye that you need too!

The Gro Clock uses the charming characters of Mr Star and the Sun to show little ones when it's the right time to get up and when they should stay in bed and go back to sleep. Star graphics disappear as the hours go by to show your tot how time passes and helps them to begin to associate times of the night with specific hours. The Gro Clock also comes with Sleepy Farm, a lovely bedtime story which will teach your little one about the importance of getting a good night's sleep in simple, friendly language.

The Gro Clock has optional key lock and backlight functions for customisable use and it operates silently or with an audible alarm and digital clock so that older children can use it when it's time to get up for school.

The Gro Clock is mains powered and suitable for children from 2 yrs upwards.